Jan 15

Changing Government Through the Change Vanguard

More on the Paul Glastris’ editorial about reforming government as a progressive strategy: Nancy LeTourneau wrote a concurring opinion that argues organizational change will be driven by incentives. I believe that is part of the solution, but there has to be more. That is unleashing the change vanguard.

When I was researching my dissertation, I discovered Steve Kelman’s work on changing government organizations. According to Kelman, it is a myth that all employees are opposed to change. In fact, there is “change vanguard” that wants change, but don’t feel that they have the power to affect change. Kelman argues that all that is needed is for the leadership to signal support for change, and the change vanguard will power the organizational change.

As I restart my research into PolicyOps, I am looking at how to energize and connect change vanguards as a way to create sustainable governmental organizational change. Change has to come from the top, the bottom and meet in the middle. The middle is the change vanguard.