Jun 16

Celebrating Bad Management Day? Let's Celebrate Bad Management Week!

John Hollon's 2015 article arguing for establishing a "Bad Management Day" came at a fortuitous time. It was just a few months over ten years ago when I presented my general framework on organizational failure.  I was just finishing up my PhD coursework in public administration. I had decided to do a deep investigation of why government projects failed. From that, in March 2005, I presented my general framework.

Seven years later, I reexamined my framework to see how well it stood up with new organizational failures. I would say that the framework is still a robust explainer for organizational failure. I am planning to revisit the framework this summer to further develop it. And, develop a organizational success framework.

So, for the next five days leading up to June 25th and the 141st anniversary of Little Bighorn, I will be revisiting some of my favorite articles on organizational failure with a more hopeful article on Bad Management Day's Eve.

What you see below you is the Little Bighorn Graveyard. Here is hoping that the last casualty of that day is bad management.The-Mystery-Behind-Custers-Last-Stand-The-Battle-of-Little-Bighorn-3


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