Feb 15

Combining Organizational Health, Organizational Agility, and the Visual Organization into the New Theory of Government

I have been studying three concepts in depth as I continue to work on my new public administration theory. All three are related to organizational structure and, I think, complement each other well.

Organizational Health: The particular version I use is from McKinsey’s Beyond Performance. I especially like this model because it organizes nine systems of organizational health around three main topics:
1) What is the mission of the organization?
2) Can the organization execute on the mission?
3) Does the organization have the capacity renewal?

Organizational Agility: OA is vital for organizations because this determines how well government agencies can adapt to change. The more agile organizations even develop the ability to forecast change and prepare for anticipated events. Another good book on the subject is The Agility Factor.

The Visual Organization: Both organizational health and organizational agility depend on metrics and feedback. There are good feedback systems in the books, but I believe a better way to use analytics is through the process Phil Simon describes in The Visual Organization.

All three concepts on their own are great for building organizations. However, I believe combining the three concepts makes for an even more powerful organizational development model.

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