Dec 16

Eleven Years Ago . . . Searching for a Winning Democratic Strategy

I was revisiting some blog posts I had written back in February of 2005. These posts were inspired by the disastrous loss by Kerry/Edwards. That was another election where the projections had Kerry winning - up till he lost on election night. The usual pundits trotted out their pet theories to explain the loss and how the Democrats could win in 2008.

If you remember, that was the election where Hillary Clinton was also expected to win easily.

Now, this election is unique. Hillary did win the popular vote - overwhelmingly. And, the vote margins in the key electoral college states are razor thin. I don't think that the recounts will overturn the election. However, I do think that Trump's margin of victory will shrink substantially.

When I have talked to colleagues about this election, I refuse to point to one cause or even a few causes. I believe that there are many causes that just aligned in a highly-improbable way to give Trump just enough votes to tip over the key states.

If I had to pick a single cause, I will go back to what I wrote over ten years ago - the Democratic Party has run out of ideas.

In future posts, I will write about a strategy that will help the Democratic Party win the ideas race with the Republican Party.

I call it the ION Strategy - Independence, Opportunity, and National. Like the ion engine used on space probes, this strategy is slow at first but, builds up speed over time to become the fastest method of propulsion we have today.

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