Jul 13

The First-Ever Inventory of Federal Government Programs

It seems strange but there was no central inventory of Federal government programs - until now. Thanks to the 2010 Government Performance and Results Modernization Act, over 1,600 programs have been identified.  The first hurdle was in determining what was a government program. It is actually more difficult than it sounds as this article demonstrates.

This is how the Office of Management and Budget defined a Federal government program:  "organized set of activities directed toward a common purpose or goal that an agency undertakes or proposes to carry out its responsibilities."  Once the definition was established, each agency responded with a list of programs that included a title, description, and link to the strategic goals and objectives.  This is going to be a great resource for the new theory of government because it may be possible to deconstruct the programs into their corresponding social technologies, physical technologies, and their business plans. Thus, I can better understand the evolution, effectiveness, and efficiencies of various programs.

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