My book chapter, "Using Process Mining to Improve Adaptive Case Management Processes," has just been published along with other great chapters on how to use adaptive case management in knowledge work.

Image of the Thriving on Adaptability book cover

Book cover for Thriving on AdaptabilityHere is the chapter abstract:

Big data and data mining have revolutionized how organizations improve their services and products. Companies such as, Target, and grocery stores use transactional data to serve customers better with specific offerings and even predicting what customers are most likely to buy next. Social networking applications such as Twitter and Facebook collect enormous amounts of data from users tweeting each other and posting Facebook statuses. Social networking data is also mined to create detailed user profiles and track trending news events.

Processes also create data that can be mined and use to create models of processes that show how tasks and information flow through the process. Process mining can also map the social networks of the workers involved in the processes. In this chapter, the author explains how adaptive case management (ACM) can benefit from using process mining methods. Process mining is designed to discover, inspect, and enhance routine, repeatable business processes. Increasing the efficiency of routine processes increases the overall effectiveness of ACM processes. Further, process mining can be used to improve ACM processes by discovering hidden routine processes and helping knowledge workers reflect on and improve their case management methods.

Are you using process mining? Or adaptive case management? What stories would you like to share about how process mining or adaptive case management has worked for you? I would love to hear from you!