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Evaluating Capabilities

If you haven’t read about Josh Bersin’s Capability Academy, take some time to check out his ideas. I was especially persuaded by this passage:

As I mentioned earlier, an Academy is not “a bunch of courses, it’s a place to go.” A place to learn. A place to share. A place for experts to contribute. And a place to advance the state of knowledge. (And it may be a virtual and physical space.)

In other words, it’s not an L&D program, it’s a corporate investment – and it needs ownership and governance by business leaders.

Unlike a university, which is focused on advancing the state of knowledge, an Academy is focused on building real business capabilities, yet doing it in a scalable, open, and ever-improving way. Just like the police academy always comes up new ways to protect and serve, so your corporate academies must focus on finding new solutions, technologies, and practices for your company.

The Capability Academy: Where Corporate Training Is Going

I fully believe that capability academies are the future of learning and development. What is missing is a way to evaluate the training activities of the capability academies. I don’t believe traditional learning evaluation methods will work with capability academies.

What is needed are new ways to measure the advancement of knowledge while ensuring a good return on investment of the capability academy. Additionally, measuring capabilities calls for evaluating how well employees are using their new capabilities.

I see a new revolution in learning and development as more organizations adopt capability academies.