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2020 – A Year of Accomplishments

Like many others, I was in quarantine and teleworking from the middle of March to the end of 2020. And, like some of my colleagues, I was fortunate enough to keep my job. My productivity soared because I gained back nearly four hours of work lost to the daily commute.

At the end of 2019, I had put together a self-development plan for 2020. It was an ambitious plan, and it gave me a renewed sense of purpose. I didn’t expect extra time to work on the plan, but I am thankful for the opportunity. Looking back on 2020, I am proud of the certifications I achieved:

  • Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master
  • ICAgile Agile Coach Knowledge Foundation
  • ICAgile Team Facilitation Knowledge Foundation
  • Certified Product Manager and Product Owner
  • Objectives and Key Results Coaching
  • High-Performance Learning Journey Architect
  • Brain-Based Coaching Certificate (Neuroleadership Institute)
  • Team Coaching Gateway (Global Team Coaching Institute)
  • Certified Confidence Coach
  • Motivational Code Coach
piled stones

I also launched three MOOC courses based on my Persuasive Project Manager book and a MOOC course in digital transformation with data analytics. I launched a graduate course in Project Management Leadership at the University of Maryland. I was elected President of the Maryland Association for Talent Development. The year’s crowning achievement was moving to a new job as a training specialist for the U.S. Navy’s Office of the Inspector General.

I’m looking forward to publishing two more books in 2021, releasing five more MOOC courses in 2021, and launching the State and Local Government Academy.